Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A sample article on floor lamps!

Floor Lamps
Light is the rhythm of life. When light comes in an innovative shape and style, it becomes a part of modern life too. Nowadays, lamps come in different designs and styles to transform your rooms into illuminating places. The floor lamp, for example, is a popular and modern light fixture capable of providing efficient and maximum room lighting.
Types of Floor Lamps
A floor lamp can be placed on the floor of your room or sometimes outdoors. All floor lamps have a base and a stand and there are floor lamps with different heights. There are varieties with different kinds of bulbs too. The shape of floor lamps is also an attribute to categorize them. Floor lamps are also available with different types of bulbs. There are different materials like wood, glass, broze, brass and antique materials used to make these floor lamps. Thus, there are a wide variety of floor lamps available you can find to match your home decorating ambitions and aspirations.
The most important usage of floor lamps comes when you’re looking to create special ambiences for your rooms. These lamps can sufficiently light an entire room. Different angles can be set using these lights to focus on certain areas of the room. Using different shapes and properties, you can create wonderful looking shadows. Floor lamps are generally placed in corners so that the whole room gets sufficient light. Floor lamps are popular light fixtures that can be used to create unique moods and ambiences for any room.
How to Choose a Floor Lamp?
Floor lamps must be chosen according to your need. If you want to create ambiences, you must focus on the color of the light. At the same time you will have to look at the shadows a floor lamp creates. If your requirement is to get maximum light, the number of bulbs, bulb types, and the lamp’s light radius matters. Floor lamps are also decorative items and choosing one based on their design should be considered based on your overall home or room d├ęcor.